27 Aug 2023

The master class

The master class "The modern embodiment of the Don autochthons" was held in the Sommelier Academy on August 27


Speaker: Maxim Troychuk, CEO, inspirer of Vedernikov Winery.

Vedernikov Winery is located in the Rostov region in the Vedernikov farm on the right bank of the river Don. Created in the Russian wine-making traditions, from local grape varieties, the wines of Vedernikov Wineries receive high marks at prestigious international competitions every year.

The master class was attended by experts of the Eastern European Sommelier and Experts Association, students of the Sommelier Academy and leading sommeliers of the city.

All the wines received decent ratings, but especially the sommelier noted:

1. PGI "Dolina Dona" aged white extra brut "Ved. sparkling. Tsimlyansky Black/Siberian 50/50"
2. PGI "Dolina Dona" Vedernikovo dry pink "Krasnostop Rose"

3. PGI "Dolina Dona" Vedernikovo dry red "Gubernatorski Reserve"

We thank the Farm "Vedernikov Winery" for excellent wines and a new tasting experience.
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