System of evaluation of the East European Sommeliers and Experts Association

Systems of evaluation of wine, unity of methods of tasting wine evaluation. There are multiple systems of wine evaluation: 10-points, 20-points, system for competition O.I.V., Serndgonto – IVO, 35-points, determinative, hedonistic and so on.

n Russia established the10-points system when evaluation of wine is made through five elements: transparency, color, aroma (bouquet), taste and typical properties and its word characteristics.

System of evaluation of the East European Sommeliers and Experts Association is a 100-points system, which includes:

  • Visual analysis
  • Smell analysis
  • Taste-and-smell analysis
  • Final analysis

In the blank of evaluation the tasters give points in the category and each note is multiplied to a coefficient. The sum makes the final rate, so 100-points system is more informative and precise than general 10-points Russian system.

Russian System of Wine Evaluation

In Russia the most popular system of evaluation of wine, including a 10-points rate of a sample and a detailed tasting comment.

100-points system of wine evaluation by Robert Parker

Many of those who has no direct connection with wine and wine-making, but are wine-lovers or connoisseurs think that famous wine-makers and connoisseurs are unreal people due to their incomprehensible abilities stay as unachievable as Olympic Gods.

20-points system of Jancis Robinson

Even though Jancis Robinson was an accurate student of maths and philosophy in Oxford, she is not too happy to use numbers combinations for wine evaluation. She thinks that wine consumption and evaluation is rather subjective, than objective process. Every one of has preferences and perception that is why it's difficult to express the quality of wine by a figure.