28 Oct 2019

Professional course of sommelier

Professional course of sommelier


The 28th of October Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House under the support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association starts course of Somelier for those who want to improve their competence in sales of alcohol. Waiters, bar-tenders, sellers of boutiques and special sectors of the big malls as well as everyone who plan to work in the field of vine-growing and wine-making are invited to two-month course which will take place from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. at Pushkinskaya str., 29.

The course include theory part presenting technology process of making wine and strong spirits, history and geography of wine. The program composes of 148 hours and is divided to several blocks: Wine of Old and New world, strong spirits. Practice is tasting guided by the most demanded specialists of the market, wine-makers, sommeliers and eonologists.

Applied part of the course is about marketing, service, wine etiquette and pairing. Professors of the Academy are accredited sommelier having diplomas of Associazione Italiana Sommeliers, a member World Sommelier Association. The cost of the eight-weeks course is 25000 rubles attested students get accredited diploma.

To subscribe, please, call +7(863)206-11-22 or come to the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House at Pushkinskaya str., 29.