05 Dec 2012

A Winery of the IV century before J.C.

14 km away from antique Hersones archeologists discovered a winery dated IVth century before J.C.

04 Dec 2012

Vodka doesn't care about price

According to a report published by Profi Online Research about 25% of male customers of Russia are ready to change drink in case if increased price of vodka will be comparable with the price of premium class alcohol.

04 Dec 2012

Session of the Regional Tasting Commission

The 30th of November in the Tasting Hall of Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House had place a a session of the Regional Tasting Commission, organized by East European Association of Sommeliers and Experts and the Department of the Consumer Market of Rostov region.

01 Dec 2012

A project of a Wine Museum in the Switzerland

A project of a Wine Museum which will be constructed in the Swiss Lavaux Terraces, UNESCO Heritage, was finally published.

01 Dec 2012

Icardi wines in Mozart Wine House

The 29th of November in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House in cooperation with company Vintage-M, Moscow had place a professional tasting of Italian wine from Icardi, Piemonte.

30 Nov 2012

Unusual package of wine

Normally wine should be packed in traditional bottles of different size or, less popular, cartons, - thinks a customer.

29 Nov 2012

The first wine stone of the world

Sergei Voronov, the chief of the Black Sea Center of Submarine Research supposed that the drivers of the Center had found the first wine stone of the world.

28 Nov 2012

Château Fombrauge wine packed in violin case of Stradivari

French winery Château Fombrauge announced a launch of a reserved line of wine Grand Cru Saint-Emilion designed exclusively - each of 5 bottles will be presented in an original case of violin of Stradivari dated late 18th century.

27 Nov 2012

A excises rate law accepted

The 21st of November the Council of the Federation accepted a law fixing the rate of excises for 2013−2015. Necessary amendments will be made to the articles 181 and 193 of the Part II of the Tax Codex of the Russian Federation.

24 Nov 2012

Tasting of Bordeaux wines

A regular tasting have had place in the Wine Bar Mozart Wine House this Wednesday.