12 Dec 2012

The best wines of 2012

2012 is coming to its end and this is time to summarize.

11 Dec 2012

Winemakers are not ready to give up

Russian Alcohol Regulation Department and the Ministry of Economical Development at a regular meeting couldn't agree in the question of limits for retail price of champagne and sparkling wines.

11 Dec 2012

East European Sommeliers and Experts Association Awards

07/12/2012 annual awards were given to the winners of the competition organized by Departure of Consumer Market and East European Sommeliers and Experts Association “Quality Control of the wines of the Don region”.

08 Dec 2012

The Ministry of Economical Development doesn’t agree

Ministry of Economical Development prepared a negative conclusion of an in initiative of Department of Alcohol Regulation of Russia to limit retail price of sparkling wines.

08 Dec 2012

Tasting of Burgundy wines

The 3rd of December 2012 an event had place in the Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House: a professional tasting of Burgundy wines.

07 Dec 2012

New Chilean Appellations

Three new regional appellations covering all wine-making territory of Chile, obviously will be not used.

07 Dec 2012

Hello, Holidays!

08/12/12 wine-makers of the Rostov region invite citizens and guests of Rostov-on-Don to feel coming holidays while a wine tasting at the Trading Center "Horizont".

06 Dec 2012

Turkey – Motherland of wine

Patrick McGovern, an employer of Pennsylvanian Museum of Archeology and Anthropology and Swiss biologist Jose Villamo have come to a conclusion that the wine-making appeared fist between 6th-9th century before J.C. In the region of South-East Anatolia (modern Turkey).

06 Dec 2012

Master-class of wines of the Don, the 7th of December

The winners of the competition "Quality Control of Wine Products of the Don" are defined by the Regional Tasting Commission of the Rostov region on the 30th of November 2012.

06 Dec 2012

Public tasting of Italian wines Serena

The 4th of December 2012 specialists of East European Association of Sommeliers and Experts took part in a public tasting of wines from an Italian producer Serena.