13 Feb 2013

Import of grape wine increased

In 2012 Belarus increased the volume of import of grape wine to 10% till 5,1 million decaliters. In value these figures are 8% and 58,6 million dollars respectively.

12 Feb 2013

Wine with Moon dust

Famous French meteorites hunters Bruno Fecty and Carin Bidot had an idea to make wine from moon dust or Mars soil.

09 Feb 2013

The biggest wine factory in the CIS

In three years there will appear a new wine-making factory in Crimea with the project capacity of 40 millions of bottles per year, reported the department of the information policy of the Soviet of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

08 Feb 2013

In Crimea they will gather 100 thousand tones of grape

Current year harvest in Crimea is expected to be 110 thousand tones of fruit and berries and at least 100 thousand tones of grape.

07 Feb 2013

Novelties of the alcohol market 2013

New year has just started and the alcohol market has launched lots of new products.

06 Feb 2013

The Major of Dijon sells wine collection

The City Hall of Dijon (Burgundy) sold at an auction 3500 bottles of wine from its famous collection which had been collected from the 60s of the 20th century.

05 Feb 2013

Ukraine: volume of production goes down

The volume of grape production of the vine lands of Ukraine went down to 12,6%, gave 456 thousand tones in 2012 vs 521,9 in 2011.

05 Feb 2013

Exotic choice to make

On the 14th of February East European Sommeliers and experts Association and the company Mozart Wine House invite all interested to a professional tasting of wines from Thailand.

02 Feb 2013

100 years old whiskey will be taken back to the Antarctica

Three bottles of 100 aged whiskey will come back to Antarctica where they were found.

01 Feb 2013

In a swallow

Euro-Asia Economical committee (EAEC) will develop unified rules of production and turnover of alcohol in the countries of the Custom Union (CU) in the first quarter of 2013, declared Andrey Slepnev, Minster of Trade of EAEC.