22 Feb 2013

A new thing for strong spirits lovers

One of these days they launched unusual glasses Brandy Pipe looking like a tobacco pipe.

21 Feb 2013

China will become sixth biggest wine-producer

Vinexpo and The International Wine and Spirits Research together investigated the wine market and found out that by 2016 China will come from 8th to 6th place among the world wine-producing countries.

21 Feb 2013

Taste of Scotch. You are invited

On the 27th of February 2013 Academy of Sommelier Mozart Wine House under support of East European Sommeliers and Experts Association and in cooperation with MBG (Moscow) invites all connoisseurs and whisky lovers to a tasting of Scotch whiskies.

20 Feb 2013

«Fanagoria» is getting larger

The biggest Russian wine producer “Agricultural firm “Fanagoria” JSC this year is going to increase to a third the quantity of points of sales of proper retail network.

20 Feb 2013

Knowledge in perceptions and descriptions

East European Sommeliers and Experts Association supports educational program of Mozart House Ltd. in terms of the project Academy of Sommelier.

19 Feb 2013

Georgian wine-makers slow down entrance to the Russian market

Return of Georgian wines to the Russian shops is delayed by Georgian part.

19 Feb 2013

Wine future of Thailand

On the 14th of February 2013 East European Sommeliers and Experts Association in the Wine Bar Mozart Wine House organized a meeting with Thai wines.

16 Feb 2013

Sites for wine-lovers

People not familiar with wine consider this subject as traditionally conservative and avoiding new technologies. However, it is not true.

15 Feb 2013

Wine casks hotel

In the Netherlands an unusual hotel opened made of 4 wine casks which are used as hotels rooms.

14 Feb 2013

Production of vodka increases

In 2012 Russian producers made increased production of vodka to 13,2% till 97,7 villion decaliters vs 2011, the volume of production of beer and beer based drinks decreased to2,1% till 974 millions decaliters reports Russian Statistics.